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Let's Party

Let's Party, Do a Pamper Party for you and a group of your friends!!!!!!!! 

Arranging a pamper party is very quick and easy.  This in-home service is a nice touch to have your pals over for fun and relaxation. Who wouldn't want to destress with a goup of people they enjoy being around in the comfort of peacefull environment.

Below is an sample of a pamper party menu. If you like to add any other treatments, please let us know so the menu can be tweaked for your desire (note: some services due to time contraints may not be available)

Swedish Massage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This therapeutic massage includes designed gliding strokes and relaxation techniques to promote improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, help strengthen the immune system and reduce overall stress.

30 min. Firm Swedish Massage  $35.00

45 min Firm Swedish Massage   $50.00

60 min. Firm Swedish Massage  $65.00

***Comes with a Large Bottle Wine or Sparkling Cider for the pamper party***

Body Scrub/Massage Using rich natural ingredients, our full body exfoliating treatment gently buffs away dead skin cells sealing in moisture and leaving behind soft radiant skin. Additionally, this stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins promoting re-hydration and revealing silky smooth skin. The finale is an application of a moisturizing and conditioning body butter massaged into the skin.

45 min. Body Scrub/Massage $55.00

65 min Body Scrub/Massage  $75.00

**** Comes with a Large Bottle of Wine or Sparkling Cider for the pamper party****

 ***Note: In this process you and your pals will need to have access to a shower to remove product from the body, once shower is complete the massage oil will be applied for the massage portion. **( I will have items to protect your floor or carpet to render this service)

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